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While in the United States, Hang on the Box will play with > seminal Japanese girl punks Shonen Knife at the Knitting > Factory in New York on Oct. 26.

This both rocks, and sucks because I will be seeing Shonen Knife in Detroit, and Hang on the Box is not slated to play that show. Anyone willing to foot the airfare?

Also, Brain Failure multimedia here:

Can't say where I found out about your mix, but after listening to it for a few days straight I had to Google my way back here and leave this comment. Ladytron rocks, and I'd never heard the Playgroup track before: it's really sticking in my head. Great selection of songs, and great mixing overall.

I'm new to the area, so pardon me if I'm misinformed or commiting a total faux pas, but how come it seems like Ypsi has so much more cool stuff going on than Ann Arbor? And why does this stuff happen when I don't have a car?

Amazon-style: Customers who liked Utada Hikaru's "Simple and Clean (PlanitB Remix)" also liked Utada Hikaru's "Distance (MFlo Remix)", available for a limited time here.

I've got one episode of Meteor Garden left to watch... count me as another fan of sappy Taiwanese soaps! Toast Boy's Kiss rawked too.

Good luck in Shanghai.

At Caltech it was physics, despite pretty much the same trend you describe, physics being one of the hardest majors at Tech. Off the top of my head, I can think of more physics majors who burned out than students in any other major. Some took a semester off, some switched to other majors (me!). I think we just wanted to be like Feynman.

I just ran into this ongoing quiz a couple days ago; it’s truly a great thing.

Regarding this question, I would second Ben Scofield’s alternate answer with a caveat. The title attribute comes in handy, but I tend to use it only on links whose text describes but doesn’t name the resource it links to. So while Ben’s example is good, I think the title attribute would be better served as:

The W3C's section on HTML has been used by many designers as <a href="#" title="W3C: HTML 4.01 Specification">a reference to build better sites</a>.

Still, I think the top answer of those proposed so far is still B.

The Expresso Royale on State Street was playing “The Boy With The Arab Strap” tonight as I studied. Glad to hear it's not B&S's best, it's the only album of theirs I've heard and consequently I've never understood why people rave about them.

I started this weblog because Blogger lacks the Trackback and Pingback functions, and because I want to remember where I commented so that I can go back and check for replies.

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